Food and Beverage Service

No food or beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, may be brought into our facility from an outside source.
The only exception is a specialty cake such as Wedding, Birthday, or Anniversary.

Menu selections and room set-ups are required at least 14 days prior to the function. A guaranteed number of guests is required no later than 72 hours in advance and is not subject to reduction. If no final guarantee of guests is received, we will consider the number indicated in the original arrangements to be the correct and guaranteed number of guests. We will be prepared to serve 5% over the guaranteed number. Food may not be taken from the facility with the exception of a bakery cake provided by the host.

Room Rental Fee

This fee is to reserve and to use the rented space and will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation for any reason. Due to limited space and time availability, no “Temporary Holds” on rooms will be allowed. The reservation is not guaranteed until Room Rental Fee is paid.


A deposit of 50% of the total anticipated catering charges is due with the signed agreement 7 days prior to your function. All deposits will be applied directly to your charges. If you are hosting a small group, and ordering “off menu”, we urge you to make prior arrangements with your guests for the deposit funds to be repaid to the host.

Gratuity, Service Charge, Payment

One check will be presented to include all purchases plus Ohio Sales Tax, and a 20% service charge (covering room, amenities, and service provided by The General Denver), less deposits paid.. Any additional gratuity to the service staff is left to the discretion of the event host. The total balance is due and payable at the end of your event. We accept personal and business checks, American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and cash.

Host/Hostess Contact Person

In order to avoid duplications, create confusion, or errors in planning your group event, we require that only one person from your committee be the contact to our events coordinator.

Rental Agreement

The renter is responsible for their guests. If a guest damages any General Denver property, the renter is responsible for the damages. The renter is responsible for their guests’ intake of alcohol and any occurrence that may be related, on or off General Denver property. The General Denver does not allow excessive intake of alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, or behavior that does not conform to public standards. This agreement rents only the specific room noted. The private areas of the hotel, used by registered guests and staff members, are not to be disturbed.

The renter is responsible to end the event at the time specified by this agreement.

To View or Download a .pdf version of the Policies and Renter Agreement, please click HERE